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I love to work with the following languages and libraries.

Know How

First think, Then code!


All of my applications are design with all the concerns of User Interface Experience.


All of my applications are secure from outside alien attacks


Publications during my academic life

Undergraduate Thesis

A study and evaluation of the management complexity of Cloud infrastructures

Graduate Thesis

Design and implementation of a social networking archtecture for cloud deployment specialists

Master thesis publication

Design and implementation of a social networking platform for cloud deployment specialists

About Me

Short research and development history

  • January 1989

    The birth of this awesome developer

    In a small village of Greece, Amfissa, Chris was born!

  • March 2012


    I graduated from Computer Science department of the University of Crete, Heraklion

  • April 2015

    Join Programize LLC

    Until now, I'm working at Programize LCC

  • November 2015

    Master of Science

    I received my Master's degree in Distributed and parallel systems from Computer Science Department of the University of Crete, Heraklion.

  • Be Part
    Of My

My Amazing Family


An imaginary dog that it doesn't exist,
it loves coding in php and corrently, it is a leader developer

Just Meee!

I'm looking in to the nowhere during vacations and
I'm thinking about the upper limits of scalability of mongodb.

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